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Gregory Gillespie: Rick and the Large Mandala, 1995/97
Gregory Gillespie
Rick and the Large Mandala
oil and alkyd on board
108 x 90 in.
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The Seavest Collection represents the refinement of two decades of discovery, pursuit and accumulation of works of art that are to me examples of the finest achievements of Contemporary Realists. I began collecting in 1980 with an untrained eye, but an open mind, not prejudiced by theory, ideology or convention. What attracted me to the art which I purchased was simply appreciation of the aesthetic. Having only a few years prior graduated from college where I majored in English Literature, I was new to the art world and the gallery scene, but not unfamiliar with the human instinct to define and describe the world through artistic invention. I have learned and appreciated the power of poetry to offer 'a momentary stay against confusion' and found that works of art had that same effect on me. The right painting focused the eye and mind, and filled my soul with the peace that comes from understanding. The acquisition of works was born out of an addiction to that feeling; the need to possess and have continuous access to the source of that sensation. This summer I traveled to the Galapagos Islands and watched with fascination the behavior of the red footed boobie during the nesting season. The mated couple had formed their own private world amidst the wilds of nature. Alternatively the male and female would leave the nest, survey the outside world, and finally alight on a specific twig deftly and deliberately culled from a web of seemingly similar options. That twig, so carefully collected, was then carried back to the spouse for admiration and approval.

Having passed scrutiny, the twig was delicately placed into position in the nest, and the two birds seemingly imbued with a sense that their world was now that much more complete, returned to the business of attending to their lives. I understood then why collecting art was so important to me. It was the most natural and fundamental drive, the nesting instinct. That is what drives the compulsion to collect, the belief that there exists an object out there in the wilds of the world that, when discovered, obtained and displayed, will further the quest to build for one's self a nest that with its very presence and appearance provides us with the sense of security and belonging that comes from the knowledge that we are at home. Each of the works in the collection has a hold over me, informs me and defines me. It is my hope that in presenting this collection to the world, there will be others out there for whom they will do the same.

Richard D. Segal, Collector
November 18, 1998

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